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is a "chink" with "nice tits" who is looking for "true love." Vanessa, 28, has "BOOBS" and works as a special education teacher, or "tard wrangler," as our "What is Love? Corrine has "dumpy tits," and is "needy." Raven, a 25-year-old from Arkansas, has "cake face" -- an apparent reference to her use of makeup -- "chubby knees" and is labeled a "possible nigger lover." And on and on like that. Reached Monday for comment, members of the local Delta Chi chapter deferred to their national leadership team based in Iowa, which issued a statement attributed to Marquez L.Brown, associate executive director of the fraternity.Harley is an inventive, caring, smart girl with a sense of humor.Harley is an extremely intelligent and observant person as seen as when she invented a roller coaster when Daphne threw Georgie's Bobble heads out the window.Peel Regional Police in Ontario visited a local temple for a taste of Buddhist philosophy and a lesson on how to meditate.RELATED: New Study Shows Meditation Changes Both Brain and Body Deputy abbot Bhante Saranapala led the event at the West End Buddhist Temple in Mississauga.Police in Canada got some extra training earlier this month on how to subdue a foe.

Rachel, for example, is described as "Black" and "greasy." Danielle L.

She's shown to be vain, superficial, self-centered, appears to be really sassy, and doesn't care about anything but her social life.

Despite this, she truly cares about her family, and she'll take revenge if someone dares to cross her family's paths.

Budding feminists using the program as a lens to study the societal weight of the male gaze? Last week Monday, a female student at the University of Minnesota tweeted that her unexpected "watching party" for the show included five members of Delta Chi, saying she liked viewing with them "because they have brackets" -- probably a reference to competitive elimination brackets, as seen in the NCAA basketball tournament.

She continued: "I'm not kidding they took notes," and tweeted a picture of a crib sheet assessing the qualities of some contestants on the show.