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Outside of my immediate family, the most influential people in my young life were my Thai American best friend (26 years together now, and counting) and my Korean American dance teacher, a strong, handsome man who never raised his voice, showered me with love as if I were his own daughter, and taught me I should always reach across to open the car door for a man whenever he opens mine.

Richard gere dating diane lane

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In the March issue of More magazine, the Hollywood vet - who turned 51-years-old in January - talked about how she would not let that number 'terrify' her as she touched on the subject of her love life.'My relationship with aging is cozy.I’m not trying to play 29 and holding on with white knuckles, you know?Sarah falls in love with Jake, played by actor John Cusack.Explaining the film, Lane says, "We're both on the rebound, or whatever that terminology is when you're in recovery from a divorce.Diane Lane and Josh Brolin recently announced their split, and it seems she’s turned to none other than Richard to mend her broken heart!Their budding friendship has wife Carey staring daggers and paranoid, and sources predict a divorce is in their future too!Suddenly filming a movie in South Africa is no biggie.Ever since Diane Lane and Josh Brolin announced the demise of their marriage, I’ve been wondering exactly how many phone calls Diane has received from enterprising suitors.

We deal with that in the movie, and it is quite funny." The good news is that the movie has a happy ending.The handsome actor, 63, damaged his own shaky marriage by letting Diane — his co-star in the steamy 2008 film — to cry on his shoulder about her split from Josh Brolin, say sources.At the time, Gere was in Los Angeles for the Academy Awards without his wife.I’m done saying, "I’m sorry I wasn’t who you needed or wanted me to be’ to everybody in my life."''Every room [in my house] is my room.I’ve been traveling more this year than I ever have, because I can.I really had a long list of excuses."Cyberdating was not even something she considered. "Being in a relationship is much more challenging, but it's much more rewarding. But, yeah, give it a shot." As it turns out, she experienced one of those nightmare stories that plagued her character Sarah in the film: She answered her father's own personal ad.