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And if you’re not on Goodreads already, it’s a fantastic utility for keeping track of your reading and discovering new books.

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12 rounds – Light heavyweight division (for RING, IBF, WBA and WBO titles) Also fighting: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs.Dendrochronology (or tree-ring dating) is the scientific method of dating tree rings (also called growth rings) to the exact year they were formed in order to analyze atmospheric conditions during different periods in history.For the most part there aren’t any steadfast rules about which hand you wear your ring (s) on.Engagement and wedding rings are exceptions — there are a lot of specific cultural traditions — but at the end of the day there are so many cultural traditions that it becomes an anything-goes situation anywhere that’s not completely homogeneous.Rather watch me talk about rings and symbolism of each finger?

….you attended the Naval Academy ( yes, I see your ring Annapolis man 🙂 ) ….that you’re from a culture not afraid to display wealth on the hands (think bling bling) Now be aware – wearing a signature ring is not a statement everyone will get.But like a lot of fashion choices, they’re there for the people who notice, and being part of the elite club that “gets it” is part of the fun.So if you’re someone who’s considering wearing a ring purely for the style of it (rather than just a wedding band), here are a few of the traditional associations for rings on fingers.So make that first step and register with us for free today by filling in the boxes above - it really is that simple!Getting to know new people is easier than ever before.Dendrochronology is useful for determining the timing of events and rates of change in the environment (most prominently climate) and also in works of art and architecture, such as old panel paintings on wood, buildings, etc.