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We believe the wide array of unique and multiple perspectives that results from such diversity allows us to fulfill our mission to serve our community.

To accomplish this goal SOPTV has established these goals: For the period of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016, SOPTV’s workforce was 38% female and 62% male. SOPTV is headquartered in Medford, which is 88% Caucasian.

Her book, like an encyclopedia, briefly touches many sexual subjects, including teen pregnancy, premarital sex, child sexual abuse, rape, adultery, dating after divorce, clergy sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, homosexuality, sexual pleasure in marriage, and sexual addiction.

Mc Clintock, however, does not explore any of these topics in depth.

If Sexual Shame sparks passionate discourse of any kind, then Mc Clintock has accomplished her goal of launching a conversation about sexuality and shame among religious adults.

In chapter 5, “Sexual Sin,” the author reminds us that our congregations, church leaders, and pastors have the potential to heal or further harm victims of sexual abuse or sexual shame. This chapter also provides a guideline for developing our own sexual ethic based on the “Study on Human Sexuality” published by the United Church of Christ in 1977.

About 30 of us, nearly half newbies, explored poly topics and intimate community (including hot-tub poaching and sauna baking) in the woodsy wilds while a howling storm passed through, complete with tornado warning.

And then I get home to find our little conclave mentioned, favorably, in a small-town newspaper 3,000 miles away: Couples dating others Ashland polyamory practitioners break silence about their open relationships.

If the insurance company agrees to pay a fair amount, an out-of-court settlement is the best option. Because we focus on just personal injury, we know the law very well and can help you far better than if we tried to keep up-to-date in many different areas of law.The unmarried couple, who live together in Ashland, say being happy for your partner's bliss is an outcome of practicing polyamory, a hybrid word that joins the Greek word "poly" — meaning "many" — with the Latin word "amor" or "love." It describes a nonmonogamous, committed relationship that involves more than two people.(I wish reporters would stop using "committed" in a way that implies that poly relationships are all primary-secondary.Many are, but for many others commitment to honesty, transparency, and the terms of an agreement is enough.)Although quiet in Ashland and most other communities, polyamory is now in the news.A few sentences about sexuality and spirituality elsewhere in the book may disappoint readers who crave an integration of these powerful human drives.However, additional resources-some noted in the author’s bibliography-and well-established organizations such as SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) are available to provide information and support to readers who seek more. She directly challenges the church’s perpetration of sexual abuse by exposing the relationship of this abuse to the theological articulation of patriarchy. Although some professionals in the sexuality field might disagree with her opinions and object to her methods, she dares to publicly state her position and begin the discussion. Mc Clintock Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2000 Review by: Rev. Angelica With Sexual Shame, author, minister, and therapist Karen Mc Clintock joins the fervent group of pioneering religious leaders intent on bringing the issue of sexuality to the attention of Christian congregations.