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Using undercover footage and interviews with Vatican insiders, as well as abuse victims, whistleblowers, and journalists, also shows the deep sexual hypocrisy within the Catholic Church and the long legacy of clergy sexual abuse of children. They’ll be joined by guest questioner Elizabeth Dias from TIME magazine.

If the television programme has the letter B next to the season number that means it's part two of that season.The Pistols – at that point comprising John ‘Johnny Rotten’ Lydon, Paul Cook, Steve Jones and Glen Matlock – had their first single ‘Anarchy in the UK’ released by EMI the previous November.From its musical and lyrical content to its nihilistic packaging, the song had made a huge impact on the British rock scene – and also firmly placed the band as a threat to the status quo in the minds of the establishment.Despite this, the company caved into public pressure and cancelled the band’s contract two days later.reveals the culture of a Vatican few outsiders have seen, plagued by corruption, cover-ups and ruthless power struggles. Can Pope Francis take on the entrenched interests in the Vatican bureaucracy? We’ve asked filmmaker Antony Thomas and co-producer Jason Berry and to join us for a live chat to answer those questions and take yours.He sponsored a later version of the sex offender registry, and he tries to clarify in an open letter: "Deborah Ross showed leadership, asked tough questions and worked with me to make my bill and our state's sex offender registry better."Another Democrat – former state senator Linda Gunter sponsored an even earlier version of the registry.