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Splistitem update not updating

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If you dig into the exception, you’ll see a message that references Microsoft. If you don’t retrieve them from the database in your query (by setting View Fields Only to , Share Point will automatically add those fields to the set of fields returned by the query and your update will succeed. I have a custom content type, and a custom list definition based on that content type. Id; // a boolean field IList If I step through the code during the upgrade process, it seems to work, the right lists are found, and the right number of items are looped through, and the code throws no errors. If I go back in and look at those list items, the fields still have null values. No, but I'm not sure either one of them is relevant. Update() will update the SPWeb object, and I need to update SPList Item objects.SPItem Event Receiver has a property called Event Firing Enabled, which simply indicates whether event firing is enabled.We can turn this off to prevent our loop from occuring.First, we declare a boolean to hold the original value of the Event Firing Enabled property.Now, in our constructor we save off the Event Firing Enabled value, then set it to false.

Since we’ve told the system to allow us to run code in the page (via the “web.config” file), once we now visit the page, all items on the list should be updated without throwing any errors (the update of items will occur each time the page is visited).

We'll create a class called Disabled Events Scope: This class is simple and to the point.

We inherit SPItem Event Receiver and IDisposable, SPItem Event Receiver will give us access to the base properties in the event receiver and IDisposable will give us a Dispose method (which comes in handy in a moment).

Both of these solutions will work, but depending on your environment may, or may not, be doable (especially if you don’t have access to the server running Share Point or access via SPD – I generally don’t develop for web services since I do have the access I need, but you may be able to work up a similar application that accesses Share Point via its web services as another option).

Additionally, the above code should be used as a reference for how to create the “Update” functionality and can (should) be written in a better fashion (disposing objects etc.) to follow good programming practices…this is just an example – modify it as you see fit.