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Stacy Palmer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, said the MDA’s decision to abandon the telethon in favor of new, online-based fundraising methods epitomized the challenges faced by many long-established charities.

“Everything a nonprofit does these days could have the potential of turning off one of the groups that’s been very loyal,” she said.

EW YORK — For 45 years, many Americans identified the Muscular Dystrophy Association with one man and one event — comedian Jerry Lewis and his annual Labor Day telethon.

The MDA dropped Lewis as its national chairman and telethon host in 2011, then scrapped the telethon itself last year.

So how is the charity faring in this new era, as a no-telethon Labor Day approaches? advertisement On the upside, the MDA’s leadership brims with enthusiasm about steps taken this year — among them, expanding online outreach and fundraising, and pledging to double spending on research toward drug development and clinical trials to better combat a range of muscle-debilitating diseases.

“We expect more new treatments and therapies in [the] next five years than in the past 50 years combined,” said Steve Derks, the MDA’s president since 2013.

We were very lucky to run into Randal, who introduced us to the community and arranged dinner at the Clubhouse.Steve Dirks told us about the new Clubhouse, pool and sports facility.Everything was perfect for our needs – we fell in love!Their crania show a similar broad spectrum of resemblances, and as regards dentition they are distinctly primitive.They are also on the small-brained side of the hominin clade.This new program will run through November 15, 2012, so it’s time to start reaching out to new potential members, because current Members who assist us in our new member initiative will reap the benefits.