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Stop dating the church

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That's what the Bible says in Acts chapter 2, verse 41.''Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.'' Peter preached. Three thousand people were saved, and the church was born.He says, “This is my third book on relationships, but it’s unlike any of my previous books…this book is about how you should relate to the family of God” (page 12).In Failing to commit to the church, we cheat ourselves, we cheat our church community and we cheat the world.Now, this morning we're going to be looking and learning about the second characteristic of the church member of my dreams, and that's what I want to call a committed membership. Now, the ladies that work on my library will tell you that that's nothing new. But, the title of this book really got my attention.So, I bought the book and I read the book and I liked it so much and I got so much out of it that I picked up several copies that we have made available for you to pick up today after the service back in the foyer. This excerpt only shows a 2000 character sample of the full content.In Why Church Matters, Joshua Harris makes this case with wisdom, clarity, and graciousness.”–Charles W. The church is the place God uses to grow us, encourage us, and use our gifts for His glory.

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“She’s the one.” Now almost three years have passed. I was raised in a Christian home, but even though the church played a big part in my life growing up, for many years it didn’t have a big place in my heart. The story behind this book is closely tied to my own journey. But before you can take hold of this wonderful plan, you need to know something about this couple. Instead, this book is about how you should relate to the family of God.One church gathered at a run-down commune complete with hippies and llamas. We are a generation of consumers, independent and critical.Over the next six chapters, Harris explains the beauty of the church, our need for the church, what committment to a church involves, what to look for in a church, and how to make Sunday the best day of the week.