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Surfer dating

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After surfing for 15 years, I’ve heard it time and time again. ” All she sees is the tan, muscles, and laid back lifestyle, but little does she know what actually goes into dating a surfer. He’s not talking about taking cute selfies and putting them all over social media. One of my favorites is “and it’d be so much better if there wasn’t any wind.” It’d be a freakin’ oven if there wasn’t any wind!

Disclaimer: This is meant to be some sort of a humorous manifesto of dating a surfer. I’ve heard that one too many times before to actually believe that statement.Chances are if you’re dating a surfer you’re gonna need to give it a whirl yourself. But don’t worry, he’ll be there every step of the way. On second thought, if you get tired look who's going to come and save your ass.. Is there anything sexier than a man who knows how to handle himself in the wild?? Doing a beach clean with his friends so that birdies and fish can have a plastic-free sea. He doesn't need a crazy life plan, he just needs waves and his woman. He'll never turn his nose up at you for suggesting a late night skinny dip. If he tells you to stay in the whitewater (AKA the safe bit) god damn it stay in the white water.Bryce said in a statement released by the hospital that he was "so grateful" to the rescue team.