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Warren confirmed that these dimensions were indeed highly predictive of relationship success and could be used to match singles. e Harmony creates the happiest, most passionate and most fulfilling relationships according to a recent study.

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I’ve seen eyes that capture all that I am and pull it to the front so I see it all, good and bad.

Eyes that looked so deep I imagine I could fall into them and get lost.

[German accent.] Ven David Duke is elected, ve vill take over the country. Walt Whitman (1819-1892) was an American poet whose collection is considered one of the seminal poetic works of the 19th century. Short for “Mickey Finn,” a Mickey is a drink laced with some kind of drug meant to knock out the person drinking it. Jack Webb (1920-1982) was an actor and producer best known for his portrayal of the stone-faced and unflappable Sergeant Joe Friday on , which aired on radio and TV from 1949 to 1959 and from 1967 to 1970. Bert Ira Gordon is an American film director best known for his low-budget sci-fi and horror B-movies in the 1950s and ‘60s. The basic meaning of the proverb, that people who keep moving and never put down roots avoid collecting responsibilities, dates even farther back—to Roman philosopher Publilius Syrus in the first century B. The actual line is “‘Will you walk into my parlour?

David Duke is a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and a former Republican Louisiana state representative. White, a young pig named Wilbur is saved from becoming dinner by a motherly, intelligent spider named Charlotte, who spells out words and phrases in her web, including the famous “SOME PIG.” Earth vs. He celebrated the power of natural beauty to regenerate the human spirit. In 1903 a Chicago bartender named Mickey Finn was arrested for drugging and robbing his customers—the probable origin of the slang term. ’ said the Spider to the Fly.” The poem is a cautionary tale meant to warn against trusting those who would use flattery and charm for ill purposes. Spencer Gifts—now just Spencer’s—is a retailer with locations in shopping malls throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Not all ticket types are available for all performances.

It's a great way to get in shape and feel good about yourself. It's a great way to get in shape and feel good about yourself.

features a day in the life of a serendipitous high school senior who skips school to go on a risk-filled adventure with his best friend and his girlfriend in Chicago. Mencken (1880-1956) was a journalist, critic, and professional curmudgeon known for his scathing wit.

It starred Matthew Broderick in the title role and was written and directed by John Hughes (). His favorite target: the entrenched power structure of the middle class, whom he referred to scornfully as the “booboisie.” His most famous works are a scholarly study of American English called newspaper, which was widely syndicated. Andrew Aitken “Andy” Rooney (1919-2011) was an American newspaper, television, and radio journalist and commentator best known for “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney,” which concluded the weekly CBS newsmagazine show . A paraphrased line from “The Cage,” the original pilot of (the one with Captain Christopher Pike, that was later partially reused in the two-part episode “The Menagerie”).

They are not necessarily black, but may be brown or even cinnamon-colored. They are generally solitary animals except for breeding and raising their young.

In northern New Jersey this regal creature maintains its presence as a valuable asset as well as a symbol of the last remaining wilderness areas.

American black bear are approximately five feet long and vary in weight.

AMC reserves the right to exercise special pricing options for unique in-theatre experiences. Rated-R Films: Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian (age 21 or older).

To find a film presented in 3D, look for the "Digital 3D" description. All 3D, IMAX, alternative content, and premium services are subject to additional surcharges. 25 years and under must show ID for rated R movies.