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Updating 2 prong 3 prong outlets

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Everything else is extremely organized though with every wire labeled so I believe the previous owner knew what they were doing.

When I had an inspection the guy said everything looked fine.

Non-grounding type receptacles are perfectly acceptable for existing dwellings where an equipment-grounding conductor was not provided during original construction.

In modern construction, any grounding type receptacle (three prong) that is not grounded, is a defect.

This was discussed in detail in another recent thread, but it might be difficult to sift through the clutter in that thread.

An equipment-grounding conductor (ECG) essentially has one purpose - to open the On older homes built around the 60's I here so many different opinions in my area about safe and unsafe, and how to report these issue's.

Is it a safety hazard,need upgrading or is it ok since at the time the house was built it does not have to meet current codes. An non-grounding type receptacle (two prong) cannot be grounded, so to say it has an "open ground" is inaccurate.

There is a two-pronged outlet where I'd like a three-pronged outlet.

It's far, far away from the other three-pronged grounded outlets in my unit.

Then any tenants (this is a rent house) will have to use adapters but won't be under the false impression that the outlets are grounded.

He says it will be expensive to ground all the outlets b/c we have to run wires to the attic. I'm not an expert here, and I'm sure others will chime in that will know better then I. While you would not want to do this with every receptacle, you can replace a 2 prong, ungrounded receptacle with a GFCI.