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Updating appendix tables in word

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Use the built-in heading styles to number headings and figures in an Appendix Use Heading 1 to 5 styles for the main body of the document. Create a new label (Figure_Apx) to number captions for figures in your Appendix.

Only then can you create a cross-reference to these captions in the text. Word's built-in heading styles (Heading 1, Heading 2 and so on) are terrific for numbering headings in your document. The built-in Heading styles have all kinds of "magic" properties: they can be used to number Figures or Tables, refer to those Figures or Tables, build tables of contents, tables of figures and so on. This page shows you how to do numbering for headings, figures, references to figures and page numbers in a document that contains several "Chapters" (or "Parts" or "Sections") followed by one or more Appendixes.

The other advantage of automated x-refs is that they are clickable in the Word document (Ctrl click) and sometimes in PDFs (depending on the Acrobat settings) – in both cases, clicking the link will take you straight to the place referred to.

Place your cursor at the point of the section break, choose the "Page Layout" tab in the menu bar and select "Breaks."Choose the type of section break you want.

The Next Page section break will create a new section starting on the next page.

The section breaks and headings function similarly to separate pages and links on a Web page, allowing for quick navigation between the separate parts of the whole.

So you can easily navigate from the body of your document to the appendix and back again.