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Drivekey, the world’s first entirely solder-less and absolutely no clip modification chip to the Nintendo Wii, has now arrived on the shelves of online stores and ready to take over the market after so much of its pre-launch hype.

Other then the fact it only uses 13 - 15 or 18 wires for installation not much is known about it's features other then the fact it can be updated via an external cable and connector.

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Hey Guys, I'm trying to sell my Wii, but to do so i want to reset it all to factory settings, so they don't have my save games, Wii charachters etc.

The working of the chip is very simple; first the Wii is opened and then the chip is plugged in between the two flex cables connecting Wii motherboard to the DVD-drive and then Wii is put back together to close, therefore, no soldering is involved.

The manufacturers of Drivekey have maintained their high quality and assembly standards as they did in Wiikey, D2CKEY, D2PRO, d2lite, Wiikey2 and Drivekey while being on a thinner chip, has come out as a solidly built, well designed chip, assembled of very high quality components including the DIP switch module & flexcable clamps.