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Basically, the question seems to be how exactly single Christians should relate to members of the opposite sex in that large and awkward zone between "we've never met" and a deliberate dating or courting relationship. I won't repeat the full history lesson here, as several Boundless authors have already discussed it (Joshua Rogers most recently, in his excellent piece "Your Friendgirl Deserves Better").
Combine the two concepts together, and you get an exciting adult chat environment where you can meet thousands of new people every day!

Updating home for sale

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Even renters can do this simple DIY upgrade — just be sure your landlord is okay with a few screws in the wall.

One of the easiest ways to free up counter space in your kitchen is with a rustic magnetic wall rack.

From the article: “consider what’s best for your finances, family, and future…classify improvements into two categories: One being projects that add monetary value to the house, the others make the house more appealing,” …

“For example, a larger kitchen will increase the actual value of the house, whereas granite countertops are going to make the house more appealing to buyers.” Obviously the first question that needs to be asked is whether you are a seller or a buyer, as your intentions, and the spending budget and scope of any remodeling you will be doing is vastly different for the same property. As the seller of an average home, your intention, if the kitchen is old and dated, is to make it appear less so. I’ve heard tales time and again from house hunters describing properties for sale that were spectacular in every way…until the wife hits the kitchen, took one look and quickly turned on her heal and sprinted out the door with not so much as a backwards glance.

Take half the stuff out of your closets then neatly organize what’s left in there.

You don't need a costly contractor or interior designer to update your home — instead, try one of these DIY ways to update your home on a small budget.It takes real courage and most sellers just don’t want to risk it, but it’s the single best strategy to sell a home in today’s market.Selling Secret #9: Half-empty closets Storage is something every buyer is looking for and can never have enough of.You can use it to hang anything metal — especially knives — for a functional piece that also doubles as cool decor.Brighten up an otherwise dreary exterior with a colorful window box planter.This preferably involves cosmetic changes that gives the place a bit of an updated ‘facelift’ without spending a lot of money on it. As a seller, the last impression you want to leave on a potential homebuyer is that the first order of business should they purchase your property will be a complete and total, expensive and tedious gut of the entire kitchen just to make it tolerable.