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If you’ve ever worked with HP Pro Liant servers before, you’re probably familiar with the HP Service Pack for Pro Liant (HP SPP).

As I’ve only worked with Dell servers before (it’s kind of fun that I’ve not come in contact with HP servers managed with Config Mgr up until now), I’m used to use the DRM (Dell Repository Manager).

~ # df -h Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on VMFS-5 9.1T 7.6T 1.5T 83% /vmfs/volumes/ds0 vfat 249.7M 147.8M 102.0M 59% /vmfs/volumes/2e8e17e7-bac572db-1b37-fee052a17641 vfat 249.7M 147.8M 101.9M 59% /vmfs/volumes/3cb7c2ee-5f4b1198-e18b-5b2c486f9724 vfat 285.8M 208.2M 77.6M 73% /vmfs/volumes/4fc813f8-70eae62b-3849-ac162db23ab0 I pressed F10 during bootup to use HP Intelligent Provisioning.

updating hp proliant firmware sccm-15

The options base the running of this task on the computer model name, so that we dont try to configure an incompatible BIOS or some other crazy situation.

We were working on cleanup items post-deployment of their new Windows 7 desktop when Kraft & Kennedy was asked to put together a number of updates for deployment to the new desktop.

One of the requests was to update drivers on the machines with new drivers from both Dell and Toshiba.

With the HP Catalog, customers can manage HP server inventory and software updates with the same ease they use to manage operating system updates.

Customers using SCCM will benefit from the integration of the HP server software catalog within the SCCM management structure.