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Double click on PBSetup.exe, and follow the on screen instructions. Dear AA3 Technical Support Community, It seems that anytime I connect to a server that uses PB (all of them), the PB authentication thinks that my PB can not be updated.

connection Error Script Log: (AGP_Player Controller_3) AA_Player Controller:: Pre Client Travel About to disconnect client from TS3 Script Log: ***** PRECLIENTTRAVEL - setting name Script Log: PRI name: Mr. AA_Player Controller: Notify Connection Error:02BD) ------ Notify Connection Error : passing ? Game Info: Restart Player:01A9) Player start not found, failed to restart player Script Warning: AGP_Game Info UI_bink_Master. Player Controller: Received Player Function Engine. Player Controller: Register Player Data Stores Script Log: We managed to register the bounds even data store Script Warning: AGP_Game Info UI_bink_Master. Recee Script Log: TC requested movement locking: False Script Log: Online menu disabled: True offline disabled: True Script Log: Force Show Main: True Player Authorization: INFORMATION: Initializing ATS system for match Log: INFORMATION: ATS Debug Logging is Disabled by [Online Subsystem AA3.● 8777 (UDP) ● 8778 (UDP) ● 1200 (UDP and TCP) ● 4380 (UDP and TCP) ● 9987 (UDP) ● 27000-27030 (UDP and TCP) Specific ports must be open in your firewall so that your server will authenticate, show up in game browsers, and allow connections from clients.● 8777 (UDP) ● 8778 (UDP) ● 1200 (UDP and TCP) ● 4380 (UDP and TCP) ● 9987 (UDP) ● 27000-27030 (UDP and TCP) If you are using 3rd party software to configure and manage your server, and your server is failing, then your best course of action is to eliminate the 3rd party software from the equation and use the method above to see if your server will launch properly.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------News and Release Notes for Punk Buster for America's Army --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesday [PM] Version 1.225 of the PB Server for AA has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page.Release Notes for PB Server v1.225:this version further addresses the recent server crash bug reported by some admins.However, GLOBAL servers can be set up to bind to a different IP address than that used for the authentication of your server using the "Use Multihome with IP" check box and the "Advanced IP Options" button.