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If you do not run SPF at your MTA, you really should set If it's worth the time to increase the accuracy of filtration of your own personal email, you can manually sort it into ham and spam folders, and then use sa-learn to train it.

--channel channel Retrieve updates from this channel Use multiple times for multiple channels --channelfile file Retrieve updates from the channels in the file --checkonly Check for update availability, do not install --allowplugins Allow updates to load plugin code --gpgkey key Trust the key id to sign releases Use multiple times for multiple keys --gpgkeyfile file Trust the key ids in the file to sign releases --gpghomedir path Store the GPG keyring in this directory --gpg and --nogpg Use (or do not use) GPG to verify updates (--gpg is assumed by use of the above --gpgkey and --gpgkeyfile options) --import file Import GPG key(s) from file into sa-update's keyring.

Then, type the following command to update Spam Assassin's checks.

Note that this does not update the Spam Assassin code itself.

If the command does not output any fatal errors and exits with code 0, the update has been completed.

The feature would fit fine in a daily cronjob to update your SA checks.

Use multiple times for multiple files --updatedir path Directory to place updates, defaults to the Spam Assassin site rules directory (default: /var/lib/spamassassin/ sa-update can update multiple channels at the same time.

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Spam Assassin is no longer updating rules for the version of SA that c Panel is currently on,and I am seeing an increase in spam as a result.

If there are multiple additional channels, use the option multiple times, once per channel.

i.e.: sa-update by default will verify update archives by use of a SHA1 checksum and GPG signature.

If our experience is any indication, the newer version as-is doesn't help.

This is the default, but disabling network rules (including DNS rules) causes Spam Assassin to be wrong on about 3 times more emails.