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Updating tinyint columns in oracle

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The is Active field is tinyint(1), supposed to be a (true/false)(yes/no).---- ----------- ---------- ------------ | id | name | is Active | date | ---- ----------- ---------- ------------ | 1 | Ian | 0 | 0000-00-00 | See the error below I get everytime I try to update any of the records using the keywords true, True, yes, y.50100 TABLESPACE ts_1 STORAGE DISK */ ENGINE=ndbcluster DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 1 row in set (0.01 sec) SHOW CREATE TABLE t2\G *************************** 1.row *************************** Table: t1 Create Table: CREATE TABLE `t2` ( `c1` int(11) DEFAULT NULL ) /*!It works fine if you update to false, but you can not go in reverse.mysql update names set name='ian', isactive=true where id=1; ERROR 1054: Unknown column 'true' in 'field list' How to repeat: try to update the is Active field using the SQL keyword True, Yes, y or an alternative Suggested fix: Make a True Boolean variable type (single bit) as True/False field.