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Once our SOAP endpoint is up and running (check Soap Service_1.0), we send a valid request against it with Soap UI: Approaching the topic for the first time, one could google something like “configure XML schema validation Apache CXF” or the like. And even worse, the examples provided nearly all show up with Spring XML configuration, which we left behind already.The Enterprise Gateway can check that XML messages conform to the structure or format expected by the Web Service by validating those requests against XML Schemas.As usual, there is a new Git Hub project waiting in our tutorial repository – if you want to give it a try.🙂As a starting point we´ll use the preceding part´s project for now and fire up the Simple Boot Cxf Application with the help of a “Run as…” . You´ll find thousands of different variants to activate XML schema validation in Apache CXF.

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Does anyone know of a relatively straightforward way to validate an XML document given a WSDL and multiple XSD's?

Hi, You are doing document-style web service call right?

You can use DOM or SAX to validate the SOAP payload (the xml that you have an xsd for).

What about the reaction to the validation´s outcome?

at the Bi Pro specs) that require our SOAP endpoint to react with a 100% XML schema compliant response in every situation – even when somebody sends bad XML requests which generate errors inside Apache CXF´s XML processing.