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Validating username and password from database using servlet

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If you have not configured Tomcat for multiple instances by setting a CATALINA_BASE directory, then $CATALINA_BASE will be set to the value of $CATALINA_HOME, the directory into which you have installed Tomcat.

(WAR) file, or a corresponding directory containing the corresponding unpacked contents, as described in the Servlet Specification (version 2.2 or later).

Thus, a high-level overview of an installation of Report Server consists of the following steps.

APARs listed for a specific component apply only to that component.

Each such Context MUST have a unique context name within a virtual host.

The context path does not need to be unique (see operations are performed by a Host, the name and context path of the web application are derived from the name(s) of the file(s) that define(s) the web application.

Solution To resolve this problem: Problem An error is returned when connecting to Essbase Server from the Fusion Applications domain, using the Essbase Cluster lookup URL that is built using the host and port information retrieved for domain, there may be connection or launch issues for EPM Web applications from within the Fusion user interface.

In this case, you must update the host and port for Logical Web App components in EPM Registry.