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What is the ghana sexsite

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(1) (2) (3) (4) i was just going through different forums, and i came across a Ghanaian forum which happens to be one of the largest social forum in i decide to go through their discussions,i was enjoying it and also having a little understanding of their society too but i was disappointed at a point when i found out that the forum has no censor,all their discussions where centered around sex and all sorts of dirty talk, like there is nothing to talk about and it also has links to porn sites,very disgusting.i wonder what their society is turning into, and what kind of moral are they trying to promote. are you just knowing?

lolz me too I signed up on that forum oh but haven't gone there since the first day I registered cos everything was centered around sex I don't even know the password i used Anyways its their business, we have our fair share of huge problems this should be the least of your worries btw I thought it was even the largest Ghanian forum maybe I'm wrong. COM and it is Bleep rated site, just browse the site for few minutes and see for yourselves.

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Read on, and we'll talk more than they despise the other places around town, including High Street appeared in various.

What annoys me most is the number of rappee cases that is reported in Ghana on daily bases.

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