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He's like Youngbae in a weird way, too, or maybe Daesung's just making up excuses in his head. Not that it stops Chunhee from following Taeyeon around like he's her boyfriend — or chauffeur, maybe."Are you jealous? But when Chunhee holds out his arms, Daesung hesitates."We're not filming a commercial.""I won't drop you."He lets himself be drawn closer. "Youngbae bonks him with a rolled-up magazine as he walks by. ""Oh, Jiyong," Seunghyun fakes an exaggerated swoon, "our Daesungie's all grown up."Youngbae snorts from behind his magazine. You're going to get me into trouble.""Nobody would believe it anyway," Seungri adds helpfully. ""A good meal that I'm missing." Daesung stares at Seunghyun until he moves out of the way with an apologetic shrug at Jiyong. Daesung can't seem to move his hands to brush it away. He can hear Jiyong's voice in his head: how obvious are you? Daesung doesn't trust himself to point it out."I'll buy you better food next time," Chunhee says."Huh? "Guess we'll find out."It starts to rain in earnest. ""I have all your phone numbers.""So call him.""I can't just call him.""Sure you can. "You have to be like that when it comes to Jongkook."Hyori buries her face in her hands. The snow continues coming down in soft, wet flakes. "Oh." He looks away, something like sheepishness creeping into his expression. "Good timing, though.""Does it count if you only put it on in December? Guess you're never marrying your true love." Daesung's eyes are laughing. "It's just superstition.""You don't believe in fate anyway." Daesung tugs on his hat until it's snug around his ears.
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Bringing you only the best in Inuyasha and Kagome romance stories.

Stories are added as staff sees fit since we like for our readers to be satisfied with all possible Inu/Kag goodness that's out there! If you're interested PLEASE PM me with your USER ID! Had their moment on the bridge changed everything for the better?

Kirby Morrow, the voice of Miroku said on Voice Print with Trevor Devall and guests that Michael Daingerfield was able to mimic David Kaye near perfectly.

On December 17, 2010, Paul Dobson announced on a podcast episode of Voice Print with Trevor Devall and guests that he would be going back to the Ocean Group studio for his final recording session of Inuyasha: The Final Act on December 23, 2010.

It is its own independent relationship that actually started around the time that he turned human.

Oh and why are you saying that a relationship wouldn't have developed between them, when it wasn't even developed between him and Kikyo in the first place!

Posted by Inu Yasha's Girl on Monday December 22 ,2003 I would say when we first see Inuyasha turn completly human cause he asks to rest his head and tells her she smells nice.

Posted by justsomeone on Monday December 22 ,2003 Umm I personally think it happened around probably around when they met Shippo and after his love showed again on episode 13 and then in episode 14 he tried 2 kiss her.

when does inuyasha and kagome start dating-35

The series follows the half dog-demon, half human named Inuyasha, the fifteen-year-old junior high school student Kagome Higurashi and their close companions Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara as they search for the final fragments of the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls and approach their final battle with Naraku.

I believe Inuyasha preferred Kikyo, wherein the manga he encounters a flower Prince who leaches off of the sorrows of others, he detects in Inuyash's heart that he wished to die with Kikyo, or to follow after her, which says enough. Inyuasha loved Kikyo, but she died, then Kagome came in and filled the void, but all in all, his heart still belongs to Kikyo. Inuyahs knows that Kikyo is dead and that Kagome is alive, he wants her to know rest and peace, but is unable to make that happen for her.

Kagome is someone he needs to protect, her life is important to him, but if Kikyo were still alive or was somehow brought back to life (for real) he would go to her.

;) PLEASE NOTE that there are also 'M'What do you have when you have nothing? Just thinking about a world without her killed him.

Inuyasha would do anything to find the woman he loved, even though he knows he's the reason she's gone, the reason she's in pain. Now he and his bandmates are on the run from his psycho girlfriend...