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The puzzle of Reginald's life comes together through reviews that comment upon his motivational speaking career, the dissolution of his marriage, the separation from his beloved daughter, and his devotion to an amour known only as “K.” But when Reginald disappears, we are left with the fragments of a life—or at least the life he has carefully constructed—which writer Rick Moody must make sense of.

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“They had put a microphone in the water so you could hear them say, 'Just waiting for the bubbles to clear.’ I’m at the bottom of the tank thinking, I’ve taken a deep breath but I haven’t got enough air.When they asked me to do it again I was sitting in the dressing room crying, 'I can’t!

With the kitchen closing in 15 minutes by the time I sat down and the heat of the day beating around us, we decided quickly that a glass of white wine was the way to go instead of the Thorin tea that I’d brought along with me. Despite having a very solid career under his belt, most people outside of the UK probably weren’t aware of him before he landed the role of Thorin (Dwarf prince and leader of a company of 12-Dwarves-plus-Hobbit-and-Wizard on a quest to regain the Dwarf homeland in the mountain Erebor), in the Peter Jackson-directed trilogy (The Hobbit: There and Back Again is due out in 2014).

London doesn’t really represent England–it’s so multicultural and cosmopolitan that it’s its own entity.

[It’s the] same with New York; that’s why I’m able to live in New York.” In those early days of October, the US was facing a government shutdown—the first it had seen in 20 years.

I think the main problem with Richard is that he desperatly wants to be a (straight) leading men when in reality he's a character actor. They just drifted apart due to long separations and perhaps different priorities in life. Why is everyone here acting as if these two are seperated?

We don't know for sure and the gossip posters from New York said that Richard and Lee are still together, although having problems in their relationship. When RA said he wanted to return to UK then LP appealed he went to Glasgow for a shooting abruptly, When RA said he's in 5th Ave.