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On Insight, Ken Rudin adds his perspective on the turmoil brewing in the White House.

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While the couple collected masterpieces of art on a par with the Medici and bred some of the world’s finest Thoroughbred horses, the backdrops were sublimely low-key.’Nothing should be noticed” was the decree of Bunny, whom Paul credited with crafting all this perfection.News flash: More and more women are jumping outside their marriages in search of no-strings-attached sex. An Internet connection and an account on a site like Ashley Fellow four-stars felt Petraeus’ pain after he acknowledged his affair Friday with a woman identified as Paula Broadwell, a fellow West Pointer (.Some of those who retired at lower ranks, not so much.My sister-in-law has an Italian fiancee, and he uses all sorts of excuses not to go down on her.He claims he could get a yeast infection in his throat, among other things.

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Greg is a high-end designer and the nephew of Ralph Lauren.

“Peaches” was the nickname Petraeus picked up as a kid when pals found “Petraeus” too tough to say.

Over the past decade, many Americans, in and out of uniform, learned how to say “Petraeus.” Most journalists even learned how to spell it.

He specializes in distressed and repurposed street wear for both sexes, with an urban-military edge.

For example, he might sew half an army jacket together with half a stained hoodie and the result costs 00 and up.