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The actress captioned her photo: 'Just five more minutes,' and added the hashtags: '#bathgoals #parisnights.'Her latest Instagram post caused a stir among fans, with many commenting on how envious they were of Michelle's bathroom setup, thanks to her room at the Shangri-La Hotel.

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People think they can say anything because they are faceless, but their comments cause a lot of pain. I want to travel the country and talk to school principals to help stop this in the future." that accuse Moakler of neglecting their kids Landon, 12, and Alabama, 10, and misusing the K Barker pays in child support each month.

Shanna Moakler is a former Miss USA (1995), an actress (TV's "Pacific Blue" and movies such as "The Wedding Singer" and "Love Stinks") and the former girlfriend of The Golden Boy, Oscar de la Hoya, whom she is suing for .5 million (palimony). Moakler: Well, if I'm dressed down like I am now, they hit on me all the time. Sometimes when I'm in my car and I look horrible, they're like, "Hi." What am I going to do -- pull over and be like, "What's your number? Moakler: I was a competitive roller skater for 12 years. But there were never any problems where I thought we would leave each other. Moakler: I'm sitting in bed, watching the Latin Grammy awards, feeling hurt that he went without me. So in the big picture, I can understand where the poor kid's coming from, but the way he handled the situation with me and our kid was in poor taste and really kind of mean. Moakler: I definitely won't date any other major athletes.

My dad's a dentist, and this guy and I were in his office. You'd think Oscar would, being a boxer and training and everything, but ... Moakler: When he lost to Shane Mosley, things had a different feeling, but I never thought the problem was with our love and us. I thought the problem was the public humiliation of that loss. He never got to do that because he was always in the gym.

But until then I didn't date anyone in high school, because I was such a dork. Moakler: The most embarrassing was when I lost my virginity. I always thought it was just something he was working out. Or at least never got to go out at the right time, when you're supposed to go out and meet girls and drink beers. Moakler: OK, I dated Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block, I dated a "Baywatch" boy named David Charvet, and I dated Billy Idol.

Moakler, her precious girl Alabama Barker was viciously taunted by internet personality Rice Gum.

Once the vid was shared, 3,000 plus commenters posted awful remarks about Alabama — some internet trolls even threatened her life.

We had to explain to her that she was safe and these threats were from people who didn't know her.

It has been so emotionally draining and damaging that I now understand why people commit suicide over cyberbullying." Following the scarring incident, the model reached out to Rice Gum to tell him how "wrong" the bullying was.

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The back of the crop top was embroidered with the title of her new hit single, "Body On Me," featuring Chris Brown.The "How We Do" songstress and the Blink 182 drummer got the romance ball rolling at the Power 106 All-Star Basketball Game held Sept. Barker, 39, performed his new single "100" at the radio's event, and later took a photo with Ora where he called her “beautiful” on Instagram.Sources says Ora made the first move and gave him her digits.Because Moakler claims to be an expert on boxing, Page 2's Todd Gallagher hit her with 10 of our most pointed Burning Questions -- on fixed fights, the perils of life with Oscar, her current boyfriend (actor Dennis Quaid) and the rest of her storied love life. Page 2: How many times do you get hit on in a given day? What I've seen from my own situation and from girlfriends who have also dated athletes is there's definitely a spoiled-kid attitude going on there. And don't give us that garbage, "You'd be surprised ..." Moakler: It depends on how I look. The tool, patented by a Beverly Hills surgeon, then removes the fat.