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Now I can't give the exact details, but he required surgery to remove the bone that obviously threatened his stomach and could not be digested.

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But the real kicker was when she told Williams, “Cause the gag is, you wasn’t there!” The audience erupted at that, and so did Twitter.Plus, Brad Pitt was cleared of all allegations of abuse and hit the red carpet for his new movie premiere.Then, Celine Dion is reportedly moving on after the death of...The problem is, no one can prove anything as these celebrities are highly unlikely to drop their skirts and panties and reveal the “truth” of what they are.

What better way to mock her achievements than by publicly asking if “Wendy Williams’ a man, baby.” Read that in your best Austin Powers accent. For the record, I do love Wendy Williams, and I’m a big fan of the Wendy Williams show, but sometimes ya gotta wonder.

Then, Wendy reveals why she got emotional at the end of today's show and tells us about the first time she appeared on...

The success of Patti La Belle's pie line has landed her a cooking show.

Wendy Williams, that poor girl, has already had a difficult rise to the top. If Wendy Williams is a man, she should have an Adam’s apple, right?

Much like Lady Gaga and Jamie Lee Curtis, all this androgynous talk tends to follow unusual looking celebrities.