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I’d bet money on the fact that the second update is in fact a firmware update versus software update (or maybe both).

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‘So I’m giving them the option to do the honourable thing and have multiple families.To practice it in an open upfront honourable way rather than going to nightclubs and visiting women.Here is how you may get your FREE Ad & FREE Membership! We will send you info on how to place your free ad. (Please check your anti-spam folder just in case you don't get it in your Email Inbox.) This will ALL be at NO CHARGE to you as a SWS whatsoever. Once we know who you really are, we will place your FREE ad in the Members Segment and provide you with free membership access (for as long as your ad remains). When a man is married to more than one wife at a time, it is called polygyny.

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They just have their mistresses and keep them there rather than turning them into wives.I can also browse profiles for compatibility without revealing myself searching.He’s the founder of Britain’s first ever polygamy marriage website and already has well over 100,000 members signed up to it since launching in June. I answer any and all questions as honestly as I'm capable.Ok i know this sounds strange but this is the way i want to live my life, i am not a member of some wierd religion eith I am happily married to an amazing woman and I will love her past my dying breath.Like "monogamy", the term "polygamy" is often used in a de facto sense, applied regardless of whether the relationship is recognized by the state.