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He has also been a Visiting Professor at College de France, the Mittag-Leffler Institute, the University of Paris-Dauphine, the University of Paris-6 as well as several other Institutions.He works in partial differential equations and stochastic analysis.It also involves getting the most out of the data for your algorithms to work with.

[…] Much of the success of machine learning is actually success in engineering features that a learner can understand. These three questions underline the present exercise in Criticism, organized in eight Chapters. Valid empirico-formal propositions are considered to be true by all concerned sign-interpreters, but this truth is only conventional and in no way a priori identical with absolute truth, namely the ultimate, noumenal nature of phenomena.Adjacently, we inquire how rationalism and irrationalism can be defined ? Because normative philosophy cannot change these self-evident discoveries, it must -saving the possibility of thought from any harm- confront, without the ability to alter them, the conditions pointed out by this transcendental work. Answering these questions has an irreversible & immediate impact on the unfolding architecture of thought, attributing parameters to its cognitive build-up, adjusting its extensions. Normative philosophy uncovers a set of principles, norms & maxims in epistemology, ethics and esthetics, summarized by Immanuel Kant in his famous three questions : Epistemology : What can I know ? These rules are indeed not random and impermanent, but express regularity on the side of the subject of thought. This work serves as a prolegomena to a Metaphysics of Process (2010). This conventional truth is established by the application of the "realism" of experimental work, listening to the monologue of Nature hand in hand with the "idealism" of theoretical work & dialogue, argueing with all concerned to reach consensus. This in-depth delving into the conditions of cognition does not produce facts, which is the exclusive arena of the empirico-formal sciences, but generates insights into the conditions of the production of facts. Nevertheless, transcendental analysis & synthesis imply a meta-science of science, critically discovering (unearthing) the principles, norms & maxims of possible thought & knowledge.If you want to impact the human health and are creative, passionate, and enjoy being part of a high-energy team that thrives on scientific and product excellence, we would like to hear from you!