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Xbmc library not updating mysql

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And now I'm stuck to why it won't update the record.

For some time now the XBMC project has implemented experimental support for a centralised library using My SQL.

Not all our hardware running XBMC was able to upgraded to a SVN release as a result we were forced us to revert back to the localised SQLite library for a time.

Keeping in mind we had tried this previously there was still some old XBMC data left in the My SQL install.

This is just an intern project but I need it to prove myself to the company. If you need the whole code, I am willing to post/give it to you. when selected updates the database HOWEVER, the number of database records are NOT CONSTANT.

In this post I'll guide you to the process of moving your XBMC library from your HTPC (or Apple TV or Rasp Pi) to the Synology Disk Station. Well a centralized library brings multiple advantages like being able to stop a movie or TV show on one device and continue watching it on another one.I can go to files, select a source, browse and playback content just fine.My media files are stored on an un RAID server, which is also the same machine that is hosting the My SQL database. Currently I have 2 windows clients and 2 Open ELEC clients running on Intel NUCs. On one of the NUCs I have never seen an issue connecting to My SQL. I am using the same and files across all 4 clients.While this is actually cross-platform and not necessarily Linux-specific, there's no doubt many of you out there making use of the awesomeness of XBMC (soon to be known instead as 'Kodi') Media Player would be doing so on the Penguin-powered platform.