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Xmlvalidatingreader tutorial

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But XML crucially differs from plain text in that it allows you to structure your data in a standard manner.

This is important — it means that other systems can interpret your XML, which is not as easily achievable in plain text.

In this way, an XML file itself doesn’t actually do anything.

When reading attributes, you can use the at System. You can improve on this error handling by installing an event handler.One of the most exciting recent advances in computing has been XML. Before we look into the specifics of XML, it is important to know why XML exists and where it can be used.Designed as a stricter and simpler document format than SGML, XML is now used everywhere to produce cross-platform interoperable file formats. A proper understanding will allow you to use it effectively in your projects.The Severity property allows you to distinguish between validation errors (Severity is equal to Xml Severity Type.Error) that indicate a fatal error, and validation warnings (Severity is equal to Xml Severity Type.I think that's because XDR is obsolete in general, no matter which class you use.