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Yahoo dating tips

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The senders are often assumed to be Nigerian, hence the name - 419 is a section of the Nigerian criminal code pertaining to fraud. Spam reaches 30"But what about the people behind the scams?

They are known locally as "Yahoo Boys", a nod to their preference for Yahoo email accounts.

In some senses, Aransiola reveals the Yahoo Boys to be much as expected.

They tend to be in their 20s and, since the scams often require computer skills, have an undergraduate education.

After you discover the scam you may have questions regarding the person you were talking to, the money you may have sent, the checks you may have cashed, how to report the scammer or just how the scam works.

He and colleagues spent six months earning the trust of a group of Yahoo Boys, eventually managing to conduct detailed interviews with 40 of them.

Because of that there are a ton of legitimate questions that people have about them, like how normal is it for your boyfriend to hang out with other girls without you or how appropriate is it for your girlfriend to pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do in bed.

But sometimes the kind of questions people have about their relationships or dating woes are so silly that it’s hard to even take them seriously.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out these 10 ridiculous Yahoo Answers questions about relationships and dating.

What’s the worst dating advice you’ve ever received?